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Hi there!


Who We Are

Mapletown Marketing was founded on the idea that small businesses can take organic growth into their own hands. Reaching your audience doesn't have to be an expensive mystery and finding customers where they spend their time is the first step in seeing your business grow. Based in Port Elgin, Ontario, or the "Town of Maples", the appreciation for this small community is one of our fundamental ideals.


What makes us stand out? I’ve worked with small businesses for over a decade and understand that there isn’t a linear solution to your marketing needs. More often than not, the members of your team fall under the “other duties as assigned” category and I can help with a variety of problem-solving tactics and collaborate with your team.

I'm here to help, whether it's through full-time digital media management and content creation, or empowering your amazing team to take on your online presence through coaching and content packages.


About Me, 

Hi there! My name is Sydney and I'm the founder of Mapletown Marketing!


If we're talking formal education, my undergrad. was at Glendon College in Toronto and I received a Bilingual Honours Degree in International Studies (kinda like the marketing of politics) & I recently finished up my post-grad at Western University in Marketing.

I, however, believe that a lot of marketing comes from how you interact with the world. 

With working in customer-facing industries for over a decade, I deeply understand the need for collaboration between your team and your audience to drive conversions. I thrive on anticipating these needs and critically evaluating how customers will perceive the content we create.

Have a peek around the site, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out!

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